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Porto Rafti (Greek: Πόρτο Ράφτη), official name: Limin Mesogeias (Greek: Λιμάνι Μεσογείας) or Limani Mesogeias (means port of the Mesogeia region), is a seaside town. As of 2001, its population was 7,131. It surrounds the Porto Rafti Bay in the east coast of Attica, 38 km from the center of Athens, Greece. It is also located very close to the new Athens International Airport, the Attiki Odos and to the closed Olympic Equestrian of Athens. Porto Rafti is part of the Markopoulo Mesogeias municipality in the East Attica prefecture.

The town is known for its beaches, restaurants serving traditional Greek food (tavernas), hotels and apartments for rent during the holidays. In Porto Rafti, thousands of Athens' residents have built their country-houses for their holidays.

The city is surrounded by two hills (Merenta peak 613 m above sea level, and Perati), so it is isolated from the rest of Attica. The climate resembles mostly to that of the Aegean Islands with relatively mild winters and hot dry summers. Its main avenues are Gegou Gregou, Markopoulou and Porto Rafti.

The port of Porto Rafti is no longer in use due to environmental concerns. This port took place of the allied troops evacuation after the German invasion in Greece (at the end of April 1941). The port was a major trading place during the Ancient times, and until the collapse of the Roman Empire. The names of the ancient villages were Prassiai, Steiria and Koroni. They belonged to the Pandionis tribe according to the division of Ancient Athens Democracy made by Clisthenes in the early 5th century BC.






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